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Nelson And His Dog (Nelson Story Series 3)

Published Date: July 31, 2023

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Nelson And His Dog is a funny dog stories for children and it is the Volume 3 of the Nelson Story Series (Nelson’s short bedtime stories). It is a fun picture dog kids’ book.

Nelson asked his mom for a dog and he got it. He loved his dog so much that they went almost everywhere together. One day his dog ran away from home and Nelson was very sad. He looked everywhere for him, but he couldn’t find his dog.

Was that the end of Nelson’s dog? You want to find out? But this book to find out. It is best children’s book of dog stories for kids, you don’t want to miss.

The book is specifically published for children age 3-8 years old but can be enjoyed by the whole family no matter what age. I’m sure the gorgeous pictures inside this book will captivate your children curiosity and imagination. It will entice them to read the book and entertain them to enjoy it all.

Read it aloud to your preschoolers or let the self-readers read it themselves, you will be glad you buy this book. After they finish reading it, they will like to read it again and again.


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